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First Trimester Pregnancy

What To Expect The First Trimester Pregnancy

In the first trimester, pregnancy is often one of the most confusing times.  During these first three months or 12 weeks, much of the time you may not realize that you are pregnant. Once you find out, usually after the first missed period, you may be left wondering what is happening to your doctor.  The changes during this part of the pregnancy are often emotional as well as hormonal, which makes for a wide range of symptoms to be seen.  Learning about these early pregnancy symptoms and how to handle them can help you to prepare for what is to come.

Early pregnancy symptoms will be your first indication that you are pregnant.  This may include slight bleeding after fertilization, tender and swollen breasts, increased fatigue and discharge.  Early symptoms of pregnancy are the body's way of adjusting to hormonal changes in your body.  Once the body realizes that it is pregnant, long before you will, it begins to make adjustments to the body to help take care of the developing embryo.  Hormones are used to make those changes happen.  As the body secretes new hormones or changes the levels of other hormones, you will feel it during these first few weeks.

Many women will want to take an early pregnancy test to find out if they are in fact pregnant. You can do so with good accuracy when you purchase a quality testing product.  These tests deduct hormones within your blood stream, which area also found in your urine.  The test is very quick and simple and often gives an accurate answer to you question of am I pregnant.  If you have early symptoms of pregnancy, these tests are a good first stop for an answer before calling your doctor for a thorough exam.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body will react in a number of ways.  You may find yourself temperamental and tired a lot.  You may find yourself overwhelmed with happiness one minute, but the next minute you may be worried about the problems that could happen.  The emotional roller coaster is one that many women go down during these first few weeks.  It can even be considered one of many early pregnancy symptoms.

Weight gain during pregnancy will change throughout.  During the first trimester pregnancy weight gain is very little, especially at first.  In fact, for many women, they will lose some weight during the first months due to a lack of interest in food and to morning sickness. 

With the first trimester pregnancy is often a different for each woman.  The emotional and physical changes can vary from one person to the next.  Most importantly, during these first few months, you should take the time to talk to your doctor and have your first exam.  The first signs of pregnancy may be faint but by the end of this trimester, you'll see incredibly changes already in your body and lifestyle.

Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Stages:  What Your Body Will Go Through

During each of the three pregnancy stages, your body will go through some changes.  At some times, those changes will be drastic and by the end of them you may not recognize your body any longer. In other stages of pregnancy, the changes are small.  In all situations, knowing what to expect from each stage is an important part of being prepared for your baby.  As your body changes, it becomes a better home for your child as he or she develops

In The First Trimester

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the changes in the way your body looks may be minimal but the way that you feel will likely be very different!  Many of the first signs of pregnancy will happen in small ways but may have you feeling sick.  For example, you may have nausea which may become morning sickness.  You may have increased fatigue, which is cause by the many hormones entering your body.  You may also suffer from aches and pains, especially in the back.  Your emotions may be across the board as mood swings are another effect of hormones.  You may also feel increased stress and anxiety as you wonder and worry about what is to come

In The Second Trimester

In the second trimester, your body will continue to change.  You will find yourself starting to see pregnancy weight too.  As your baby grows and expands, you will gain weight.  In most cases, the second trimester is easier physically than the first.    You may still be suffering from morning sickness, but it is likely to go away soon.  Your abdomen will begin to expand.  And, in the sixth month of pregnancy, you are likely to feel your child move for the first time.  During pregnancy now, you are likely to feel more aches and pains, especially in the pain, in your abdomen and in the groin and thighs.  Many women have shortness of breath.  Skin changes during pregnancy also begin to happen, including stretch marks. 

In The Third Trimester

In the third trimester, pregnancy stages will come to life.  Now, you will see the most growth of your abdomen as the child really grows and pushes into your abdomen wall and your back.  You may find it more difficult to breath now.  Plus, as baby moves around, he may push on your organs, which may cause tenderness and pain throughout your body.  You may experience heartburn in this stage of pregnancy.  You may also see noticeable difference in your ankles and feet including swelling which is caused by the increase of weight.  Additional signs of third trimester including haemorrhoids, difficulty sleeping well at night, and tender and swollen breasts

It is important to note that in all pregnancy stages, your body will react specifically to you.  In other words, you may experience many of these symptoms of pregnancy or no symptoms of pregnancy.   You may find yourself feeling much different.  Unless you find yourself facing painful situations, or you are unable to cope with certain conditions, you are likely having a healthy pregnancy.  Report any changes in the way that you feel to your doctor. 

The changes in your body are natural, in most cases. While they may sound painful or uncomfortable, they are nearly always a signal of your child's upcoming birth.  From the first signs of pregnancy until your final stage of pregnancy, your body will conform to the needs of your growing child.  With a healthy pregnancy diet, good exercise and sleep, your baby will have the best chance are a healthy birth.  Talk to your doctor about changes you are unsure about.

Week By Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week By Week Changes In Baby

First Trimester Changes

First trimester changes during pregnancy will be the smallest in terms of mom, but they are significant for baby's development.  During the first weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized egg will implant into the uterus and will begin to develop a placenta.  From this point, cells multiple at an incredible pace as your baby begins to develop.  By the end of the first trimester, the baby will be about three inches long.  They weigh just about an ounce at this point.  In the first three months of pregnancy, your baby has ears and eyes moving into position as well as a liver that is making bile.  The kidneys are growing and secreting the baby's first urine

Second Trimester Changes

A look at the pregnancy week by week in the second trimester will allow you to see a lot of growth in your baby, including the fact that you will actually feel your child move towards the end of this trimester.  By the end of this trimester, your baby will weigh just less than two pounds.  He or she will be about 13 inches in length.  A closer look at pregnancy in the second trimester will reveal that the baby has developed fingers and toes as well as eyelashes and eyebrows.  With an ultrasound now, you are likely to see your baby's formation clearly.  Most babies begin to move in the fifth month too, so you may feel this happen surprisingly.  Plus, by the time this trimester is over, your child will have all of his organs in place and working including the lungs, heart and kidneys, though they can't sustain him fully just yet

Third Trimester Changes

A closely look at pregnancy week by week in this trimester will show the child really becoming defined.  The baby is moving and growing now.  Your pregnancy weight gain is likely the highest here.  Weight gain during pregnancy will depend on your body, but as your child really grows now, he or she will move readily.  Your baby continues to grow and pushes at the abdomen.  The baby is able to open eyes now and may even suck his thumb.  Baby will also turn during the third trimester of pregnancy to ready itself for birth.  The baby is likely to be about 20 to 22 inches in length at the time of birth, on average, and weigh about seven to eight pounds on average. 

Pregnancy stages will differ from one person to another.  With a proper pregnancy diet and pregnancy exercise, you will give your baby all he needs to develop correctly.  Through ultrasounds and careful monitoring of your health, your doctor will work to know what' sharpening with baby in pregnancy.  What's more, your doctor is likely to give you all the information that you ask for, so ask questions about pregnancy at each visit so that you know what is happening with the development of baby.  With a look at pregnancy week by week, you will see an incredible development happening.  This amazing look is one that even doctors marvel at from time to time.  Your baby's development makes pregnancy enjoyable.


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