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What Makes It High Risk?

Healthy Pregnancy:  What To Expect

There are various conditions that could cause a pregnancy to be termed high risk.  Usually, if you suffer from chronic conditions this may put your pregnancy at a higher risk than others.  Sometimes, these conditions can develop during pregnancy, with no ability to be controlled or seen beforehand.  What you will need to do when you determine what the cause of the high risk happens to be is to learn to cope with it so that you can relieve some of your anxiety.

It is important for you to realize that any women that is at a higher than average risk of having any type of complication during pregnancy is labelled with this term.  It is also given to women and baby who have a higher than average chance of having delivery problems.  You may have a higher chance of giving birth to a child with minor birth defects or you may have a larger risk that you already know about.  If you have a chronic medical condition that will affect your pregnancy in any way, you could be termed as high risk.  If you have a history of any previous complications or a history of pregnancy loss, you too may be termed high risk.

For example, if you have a history of miscarriage, then you may be labeled as a high risk pregnancy.  In some situations, this may only be for the first trimester pregnancy risk.  For others, it could be a much longer time period.  When you do not know what your risk factors are, ask pregnancy questions like this to your doctor who can access the situation and give you excellent details.

Sometimes pregnancy complications can come up out of no where.  During an ultrasound your doctor may find that you are suffering from a problem, or the baby may have a small birth defect.  These pregnancy complications are dealt with based on their importance in terms of your health and your child's health.

A high risk pregnancy today still has a fighting chance. In fact, there are many situations in which doctors have helped women that were high risk to conceive and carry a baby full term.  With medical science on your side, you can overcome the risks that you face during pregnancy. The key is to work with your doctor to develop a healthy pregnancy even in risky situations.

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